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This is a continuation of my ongoing conversation about reducing and attempting to eliminate single use plastic - aka my New Year’s Resolution.

There are enough challenges with attempting to eliminate single use plastic on the home front - but there are a host of hurdles to clear in a production/mail order business too!

Some aspects are outside my sphere of influence and I simply have to work around them. For instance - I receive my bare yarn in sealed plastic bags - each with 10 skeins, and all of these bags are in a large, clear, plastic trash bag - inside a box!  I use the individual bags to help finish steaming dyed yarn, and then carry it home. Once the bags are home - I use them to scoop dog 💩 (I don’t like this either - but the trash service requests that pet waste be put in plastic bags).  This is not a sustainable practice for me and I have been researching alternate waste management solutions - that’s a blog post for another time!

Hannah suggested I reuse the trash bags in place of plastic wrap for my speckle dyeing - and that works very well! The time and effort to cut the bags into useable strips is minimal - but there really aren’t enough. So, until such time as I either learn to get the results I’m looking for from an alternate technique, or alter what I’m looking for, there will continue to be some plastic wrap used - just less.


Another aspect of this business is mailing packages of squishy yarn! I wrap yarn in tissue paper and hold it closed with a piece of washi tape - there shouldn’t be any tearing when you remove the tape - so you can reuse the tissue! Then I put this package inside a poly mailer. I’m finishing up with some mailers I already have, but I have some new recyclable mailers waiting in the wings! They are from and not only are they made from recycled material, but they are re-useable, and biodegradable! And finally, I’ve switched to using sticky paper labels instead of covering my old labels with plastic tape!

These are just some areas I’ve identified where I can make some changes to eliminate or reduce single use plastic - I’m going to continue to scrutinize my work area to see if there are other changes I can make!

Any suggestions?



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