Faux Holidays Yarn Club- National Margarita Day

Kathy Dixon

After the first installment of the Faux Holidays Club big reveal, you may have wondered how the installment for National Margarita Day morphed into a celebration of tea and blue/white self-striping socks? EASY!


I’ll tell you about the yarn and pattern first! For some reason 🤷🏼‍♀️National Margarita Day falls in February - winter in the Northern Hemisphere - so in my mind that means white and blue! I wanted predominantly white socks with a 1-2 row stripe of pale blue, and the same blue for a heel/toe skein. Then, in a happy accident, I discovered the Daisy stitch - which works beautifully with the two row stripe. I remembered that the Spanish word for daisy is margarita - and boom “Margarita in a Teacup” sock pattern almost wrote itself! 


But why tea for National Margarita Day? Another easy answer! I LOVE tea (specifically black tea - none of that herbal stuff...) so when I discovered these delicate glass tea infusers, I knew I had to share my discovery!


After that, it was my pleasure to go shopping at Oregon Coffee and Tea, a local Corvallis business, for just the right blend of tea. Oranges & Blossoms is visually appealing with actual flower petals as part of the blend, and the bright citrus tastes as good as it smells! I love citrus in the winter - and it had an ever so slight margarita connection to me, as my favorite margaritas include orange, lemon AND lime juice! 


I’m looking forward to the next installment of the Faux Holidays Club - and I hope you are too!


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