It’s Hip To Be Square

Kathy Dixon

If you hang around me for very long you'll learn something about me - I LOVE a project!!! (Not super good with maintenance however...)  Well, I've just about completed a new project and I'm super excited about it.

Long story short, I found this antique dresser in a storage closet and had a vision!  (sometimes I have visions...).  I was by myself, but I was extremely motivated, and I hoiked this dresser into the back of my car with sheer will power!!! It was in several pieces, but all the pieces (except one) were present!

I carefully took all the loose bits apart, cleaned them, and then figured out how they all went back together.  It was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle!

I don't know for sure how old this beauty is - but here are some things I do know:

*  It was build with square nails

*  The drawers are put together with dovetailing (which really helps hold it back together with a little wood glue!)

*  Instead of wheels on the feet - it has ball bearings!


*  It had a stone top of some sort (that's the only piece missing)

*  Those two drawers on top are "Glove Drawers!"

So my vision involved glue and clamps, stripper, paint, oil, napkins, and a new piece of stone.

So much glue.

The first stripper didn't do anything (see me re-purposing plastic bags there?!)  I had to go get a second type of stripper (still as environmentally friendly as possible - but one that actually worked...)

My original paint idea didn't work - but I had a back-up plan!

A little elbow grease and mineral oil and those drawers were glowing again!

I thought this was kinda cool

And then I ordered a piece of stone - I don't know what the original stone was, but I chose a piece of Cosmic Sedna - It goes beautifully with the colors in the wood and it has lots of mica in it, so SPARKLE!!!

The final thing I did was decoupage some beautiful paper napkins to the insides, and sides of all the drawers.  It lines them beautifully - but I also reasoned that all the glue and paper would help hold everything together - the same general principle as fiberglass.

My plan is to use this in our booth at fiber festivals - so there's a good chance you can see it in person.  Something this pretty shouldn't be hidden away in my home all the time!

But, like I said, I'm no good at maintenance - so it will most likely need dusting.  Maybe bring a dust cloth?

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