New Year’s Resolution Check-in

Kathy Dixon

We’re one quarter of the way into the year, so I thought I’d give a little account of my attempts to reduce single use plastic at home (everything continues as previously discussed with my plastic reduction at the studio and in shipping).


I’m concentrating on kitchen and bathroom products as those are the places I see the highest plastic use in my home. I purchased beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap to cover food and I’ve been very pleased with them.  I’ve been using them for about six months and I can tell they are starting to lose some of their cling, so I need to figure out a plan to fix that. I did spend what felt like years searching the internet to learn how to make my own. But let’s just say my results weren’t impressive...


I’ve also got quite a few reusable bags - zipper, ziplock - some I bought new, some at thrift shops. These are making me pretty happy! Easy to use, easy to clean.

i have reusable bags for the grocery store (one that folds up tiny which I always have in my purse for unplanned grocery store stops).  I also have reusable produce bags, but for some reason I haven’t been very diligent about using them. Definitely room for improvement there!

I’ve also discovered real sponges with loofah in place of my plastic sponge for washing dishes. Now I’m just looking for a bamboo scraper for when food is really cooked on to a pot or pan.

in the bathroom, I’ve switched to a shampoo bar and I LOVE IT!!! My hair has never felt so good! I have loads of allergies so I’ve been making my own soap - I’m trying to find ingredients that don’t come in plastic, but so far I haven’t been super successful... I’ve found that traveling is simpler with a shampoo and soap bar - no tiny bottles of liquids to fit into a ziplock!

The last thing I’ve been trying is a reusable water bottle (but I’m TERRIBLE at hydration), a travel mug, and a purse kit that includes bamboo cutlery, chopsticks, and a cloth napkin for eating on the go. I’ve had mixed results with this, but I’m going to keep trying! 

I’m still looking into carrying a container to use in place of styrofoam for restaurant take out/leftovers. And I know I’ve hinted about plans for dealing with pet waste in a plastic free manner, but that needs to wait for better weather before I can get everything in place.

So. Not bad for the first quarter of the year, and none of it feels too hard or inconvenient, so I feel like it’s something I can keep doing and keep making improvements. How about you? What tips do you have?

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