Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Even Blog Posts!

Kathy Dixon

*** WARNING - the content of this blog post may be familiar to some of you!!  Through a weird sequence of events, the first several blog posts were deleted, so I am combining a couple of them and reusing the content here***

I don't always make New Year's Resolutions, and when I do, they aren't usually very major.  One year I resolved to quit eating sugary cereal - and when I kept my resolution I felt like an absolute ROCK STAR!!!  Nice, easy, attainable goals - that's my vibe!

I've been thinking about waste, over consumption, and clutter for a while and I've slowly been make changes - so I decide for 2019 to make rather a bold resolution. I resolved to try to severely reduce single use plastics in my life and business.  It's March now, and I feel that I'm having some measure of success.  While I would like to completely eliminate single use plastics, I am encouraged by the amount I have reduced, and how I am reusing some plastics.  I'll talk another time about my strategies for home and here focus on my business.

My bare yarn arrives 10 skeins to a plastic bag, all the plastic bags packed in large clear trash bag, and then in a cardboard box.  I've been using the smaller bags to transport wet yarn to my house, and then I reuse those bags again to clean up dog 💩 in the back yard (I don't like this either, but the trash company wants pet waste in a separate plastic bag - I have discovered an alternative however, and will discuss it in the future).  Hannah suggested I use the large, clear trash bags to do my speckle dyeing rather than using plastic wrap - and it takes just minutes to cut the bags into usable pieces making this a very good solution.

 I've also taken a hard look at the products I use to mail happy packages of yarn!  First, I wrap the yarn in a piece of tissue paper, held closed by a piece of washi tape - you should be able to re-use the tissue for gift wrapping of your own!  Then, I switched to mailing labels rather than using large quantities of packaging tape (plastic) to tape a label to my envelopes.  And finally, I found some great envelopes!  They're made from plant material so they will biodegrade, and they are cleverly engineered so that, if you carefully open the package, there is a second strip of tape so the envelope can be reused!

In the spirit of being transparent and working toward being environmentally responsible, we have created an info graphic card so you can see where we source our yarn, what we do to it, and how it goes out to our friends.  The cards are recyclable (but you might want to hang on to them because first, they're really cute! and second, they have our contact information on the back side!)


This is just the beginning of my single use plastic reduction/elimination journey.  Check back for some of my at home solutions, and further progress reports!  Also - if you have any tips for reducing/eliminating - let me know!!


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