Vintage Vixen

Kathy Dixon

This week we launched a new yarn line - one we’ve been planning and working on behind the scenes for months! It’s been hard to keep quiet about it - especially given my deep love for this new base and the curated palette.


As I’ve been dyeing the yarn, cuddling the skeins, and knitting the samples, I’ve been texting Hannah about my deep love for this, specific yarn (I mean I love ALL yarn, but this is my favorite).


But why do I love this yarn so much. Ok first, our decision to call it Vintage Vixen and send DeeDee back to the 1950s to become a wronged woman was divine inspiration! And crafting fifteen new colorway names to fit the 1950s vibe? THAT was just pure fun! So, all of this in addition to the beautiful colors, and I hadn’t even started knitting with it yet!

Vintage Vixen is a non-SW 100% Merino sport weight. So that pretty much tells you in six words why it’s so wonderful! First, non-super wash. I know. I know all the reasons why super wash yarn is amazing! It’s machine washable, its use by the US military has revitalized the American wool industry, it takes Dyes BEAUTIFULLY!! I know. But...

Non-Superwash takes dye pretty darn well! Look at these colors! Jaw dropping.

And, well. I like that non-sw doesn’t grow when you block it - I’ve been bitten by that beast... 

Then there’s the way non-sw does colorwork! I mean, I use any and all yarns for colorwork - but I have to say that non-sw has just that extra bit of grip and it’s a dream to do stranded knitting with. In addition, this base is plump and round which is perfect for cables!

And this 100% Merino is so soft and so squishy! The skeins spring when you pull and twist them. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this yarn next to my skin, or put it on a sweet little baby!

Finally, let’s talk about sport weight! Warm, yet light weight. Versatile - with some care it can be used in place of fingering or dk - but it doesn’t need to be - there are so many beautiful patterns for sport weight!

So what are you waiting for! I’d love company so I don’t feel so awkward about my deep love of this yarn!

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