Faux Holiday Yarn Club

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Faux Holiday Yarn Club

November 27th is National Tie One On Day!

National Tie One On Day is not about drinking. Technically. It is about tying on that ole apron and giving thanks for all the women and men who have cooked for you over the years. Bake them some cookies. Or better yet, knit them a hat or something!
This holiday is the day before Thanksgiving, which also means a lot of, well, forced family time is fast approaching. So you are definitely going to need some yarn, and let's be real, a drink, too. Luckily we got you covered!

This fourth installment of our Faux Holidays Yarn Club features:

  • Hand Dyed Yarn (as ever!)
  • A little something to keep you warm and cozy feeling. 
  • A pattern.
  • and an extra goodie I can't think of a good hint for. Maybe that last gin should have waited until after work was finished... anyways! 

Sign ups are open October 1st - October 31st! Ship date is November 15th.

Please select your delivery option from the drop down menu. 

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