He Smells Like Chanel No. 5 and I Wear Palmolive

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He Smells Like Chanel No. 5 and I Wear Palmolive

Please note that all our yarn is dyed to order and will ship within 7 days. If you need something sooner, please email us and we can tell you what we have hanging out on the floor. Kidding. It's on the bed. 

Do you ever fantasize about wrapping your dishpan hands around his scrawny neck?!  Well, that's actually illegal... A better use for your hands (first moisturize!) is making something lovely for yourself with this beautiful yarn! We're especially excited about Retro Tart - beautiful colors, amazingly soft, bouncy yarn!

Due to the differences in computer monitors, actual colors may vary slightly from those shown.

Please be sure to hand-wash all of your knitted items in cool water with a gentle wash. If a little bit of bleeding occurs on the first wash, don't worry, it happens.

100 gr/218 yards 

100% Non- Superwash Merino 
Worsted Weight

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