Lipstick On His Collar

Despondent Dyes

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Lipstick On His Collar

Dirty laundry just sunk to a new low. Perhaps he can start doing his own d*mn laundry! At the laundro-mat! Now. Calm down, buy some yarn, and knit yourself into a better frame of mind. And if he comes crawling to you asking for your secret stain removal recipe - just tell him you've found that kicking him out removed all the stains from your life! Lipstick On His Collar is one of our regular colors. But please be aware that we dye our yarn in very small quantities and there are no dye lots.

Due to the differences in computer monitors, actual colors may vary slightly from those shown.

Please be sure to hand-wash all of your knitted items in cool water with a gentle wash. If a little bit of bleeding occurs on the first wash, don't worry, it happens.

100 gr/490 yards fingering weight 
Ultra Merino Superwash 3-ply
fingering weight